Esscoat NF-III
Esscoat NF-III


Minimum Coating Thickness

Thanks to more precise ultrafine hollow bodies and the optimal combination design, Esscoat NF-III has obtained a refractory structure certification with the minimum thickness in Korea.

Asbestos and Vermiculite-free

Esscoat NF-III is an asbestos-free product made of perlite, which is free from the toxicity or hazardousness of asbestos-containing materials.

Outstanding constructability and quality stability

Thanks to the ‘ball bearing’ effect created by the globular superfine hollow bodies, it not only features outstanding constructability and dimensional stability, but also does not require surface coating for dust prevention, and is not prone to peeling-off, cracks, rust, etc.

Details of Refractory Structure Certification

Details of Refractory Structure Certification table
Structure Rating hour Coating thickness (㎜) Density Adhesive strength Testing method
Beam 1 hour 9 or more (9 or more) 0.33
g/㎤ or more
Over 5.0 N/㎠ Korea Institute of Construction Technology's detailed guidelines for the certification and control of refractory structure (2012)
2 hour 19 or more (17 or more)
3 hour 28 or more (24 or more)
Column 1 hour 9 or more
2 hour 19 or more
3 hour 27 or more

( ) applies to the flange end in the lower part of a steel frame.

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