Use and Features


Paratom is comprised of grained particles, and its grain distribution is controlled to ensure that 70 to 80% porosity can be maintained. Thanks to such features, Paratom is widely used as a filter-aid for various liquid products, including beer and wine.


Paratom is about 50% lighter than diatomite and the cake density is approximately two-fifths (0.16~0.20g/cc) that of diatomite. Paratom is also used in additives for plastic and coating products.


As the pore volume of particles in Paratom is relatively large, Paratom can absorb liquid of an amount weighing 2 or 3 times its weight. Thanks to this property, Paratom is widely used as an odor remover in households, as a bedding supplement and as an ammonia regulator in agriculture, as well as an absorber of oil leaked in the food industry.