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We carry out social responsibilities from energy
development and supply to environment
preservation via energy saving living appliances
well as refractory and materials in completing
the comfortable living environment.

Eco-Friendly Materials


KyungDong Group’s symbol mark, the basic building block of the CI (Corporate Identity), implies the ‘Corporate value of respect for people’ as pursued by KyungDong personnel with the letter ‘human 人’ at the center. Together, the initial ‘K’ delivers our aspiration to expand locally and overseas and the forward looking spirit of ‘Human-Care Environment Business’ that KyungDong seeks in the future. In addition, the orange ‘Perfect Circle’ at the left top of the symbol that stands for ‘Sun’ shows KyungDong’s vision to guide the way of human living, and the hope of ‘Amiable encounter between KyungDong and its customers’ and ‘Creation of agreeable space for living that connects Kyungdong and its customers’.

KyungDong, Value Creator of ‘Energy’ and ‘Environment’
Contribution to economic growth with development and supply of energy – KyungDong / KyungDong City Gas / KyungDong Construction

  • With an yearly production of 1 million ton of hard coal, KyungDong is acclaimed as the top local private coal mine. Currently going into the production of overseas soft coal, we have continued in developing coal resources from 1970s. Having supplied city gas since 1984, KD City Gas is setting up natural gas supply network and charging stations, and is gearing toward processing energy sources via gas-fired chilling and heating unit using natural gas, small scale steam supply and power generation, and hydrogen energy research. KD Construction is currently undergoing projects for public convenience from all kinds of facilities construction such as highways, railroads, tunnels, residential land development, water and sewage as well as engineering works and landscape architecture business.
Energy saving, Environment protection via eco-friendly equipment business – KyungDong Navien / KyungDong Everon / KyungDong solar

  • Founded in 1978, KD Navien has been established itself as the leading boiler manufacturer by developing the first local eco-friendly condensing boiler. Having solidly positioned in the market with the most number of Ecolabels, Energy Winner Award and CO2 Reduction Award, KD Navien is currently expanding its business to air conditioners, ventilation system and home network areas. As a firm specializing in home network system, KD Network not only possesses the digital technology that controls the home environment with safety and convenience but also efficiently controls energy and living environment equipments such as heaters, air conditioners and ventilators at home in contributing to energy saving. As the producer of highly advanced core components that go into the boiler.
  • KD Everon has developed the world’s first fin-type stainless heat exchanger in leadingvthe way for energy saving.
  • KD TS, which is abbreviation of total solution & Service, is a company specialized in ventilation system and home network system. Further, the company is leading voluntary work and protection of right and benefit of customer through nurturing excellent service engineer through training education center business. In addition, the company is becoming a professional of GLOBAL service under value of customer satisfaction management.
Leads the development of eco-friendly materials and activation of refractories industry – KyungDong ONE

  • As the pioneer in local perlite industry, KD Ceratech has been recognized as the developer of eco-friendly materials by manufacturing construction materials harmless to human body such as artificial soil for urban roof plating, thermal insulation materials and refractories for clothing.
1967 1974 1977 1978 1982
Wonjin Co., Ltd.
KyungDong Co., Ltd.
KyungDong City Gas
Co., Ltd. founded
KyungDong NAVIEN
Co., Ltd. founded
KyungDong Network
Co., Ltd. and Kyung
Dong CeratechCo., Ltd.
1984 1987 1990 2002 2012
KyungDong E&S
Co., Ltd. founded
KyungDong Everon
Co., Ltd. founded
Development Co., Ltd.
Co., Ltd. founded
KD One Co.,Ltd.( KD
Network Co., Ltd/ KD
Ceramic Co., Ltd
Statutory Merger) and
KD TS Co.,Ltd founded