Award Certificate

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2012 IF Design Awards

  • 2012

    03.2012 Video phone was awarded 2012 IF Design Prize in the control technology
    field for buildings

  • 2011

    11.2011 Awarded President’s Prize at the National Green Technology Awards for high efficiency heat insulation material HYPERLITE product (Committee on
    Green Growth, Ministry of Education and Science Technology, Ministry for
    Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Knowledge Economy,
    Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs)

    03.2011 Video phone was awarded 2011 IF Design Prize in the control technology
    field for buildings

  • 2008

    07.2008 Awarded Energy Winner prize in the perlite, building materials and green
    building sector (by Consumers Korea)

  • 2006

    12.2006 Asan factory approved as a greenhouse gas emission reduction workplace
    (by the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy)

  • 2002

    12.2002 Awarded the Minster of Construction & Transportation’s Prize (Korean Insti
    tute of Landscape Architecture hosted a ceremony to mark the 30th anniver
    sary of Korea's landscaping)

  • 2000

    06.2000 Gyeongju factory awarded the Grand prize at SME Awards (hosted by Industrial Bank of Korea) and Environmental Technology Prize by Seoul Municipal Government

  • 1999

    12.1999 Asan factory designated as one of the leading companies in

    06.1999 Designated as a world-leading SME for the 21st century

  • 1998

    12.1998 Gyeongju factory designated as an outstanding technology company (by
    Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)

    10.1998 Awarded a citation for the development of a quality energy saving material
    (from Korea Energy Management Corporation)