With the importance of the environment growing continuously, the demand for perlite, which can replace synthetic inorganic fiber frame, is rapidly growing. Perlite is considered an eco-friendly material thanks to its harmlessness to the human body and the environment.

What is perlite?
Perlite is an ultralight pure inorganic material that is manufactured by taking an amorphous mineral formed in the process of concentration of the volatile content of magma as it is rapidly cooled while it flows in the ground water, lake or sea, grinding it to an appropriate grain size and then rapidly heating and inflating the grinded mineral at an extremely high temperature over 1,100℃.

High-Performance Filler?
The plasticity inflation technique is the core part of perlite technology. Ultrafine hollow sphere manufactured using an industry-leading perlite plasticity inflation technology is widely used as caulking and sealing material thanks to its outstanding dispersibility, or as functional weight material for composite materials such as plastic to reduce product weight and improve the flame retardancy and insulation of a product, expanding the range of product use.
Chemical Composition of Perlite
Chemical Composition of Perlite
Components SiO2 Al2O3 K2O Na2O Fe2O3 CaO MgO
Content (%) 70~75 12~16 1~4 2.5~5 0.15~1.5 0.1~2.0 0.2~0.5

The SiO2 contained in perlite is amorphous silica, which is harmless to the human body.

Material stability
Perlite is a mineral that is formed through the concentration of inner volatile content in the rhyolitic magma that erupts in the process of volcanic activity when the magma is cooled down as it flows in ground water, a lake or the sea. Unlike talc or vermiculite, perlite does not have any risk of being contaminated with asbestos, as it is completely different from serpentine minerals in terms of the location and process of its formation, and its chemical composition.
According to the results of tests performed by a world-renowned analysis institution, there are no traces of the cancer-causing elements of crystalline silica or asbestos in perlite.
Perlite (food additive) is also used as a filter aid (filtration, bleaching, deodorization, refinement) for the manufacture or processing of food.