Maximizes the nutrient holding capacity

The nutrient holding capacity is maximized to 100 to 140 m.e./100g of cation exchange capacity.

Enhances water retention capacity

As Zeolite has a microporous structure, it has an outstanding water retention capacity and ensures an excellent moisture supply function in a dry condition.

High pressure sterilization and disinfection

Zeolite's low adhesiveness prevents soil crystallization and facilitates drainage.

Prevents acidification

As Zeolite's ph value ranges from 7 to 8, it is remarkably effective in improving acid soil.

Supplies nutrients

Zeolite supplies a small amount of self-containing minerals such as gari, lime, magnesia, magnesium, etc.

Absorbs toxic gases

Zeolite absorbs the toxic gases generated in the rhizosphere, preventing root decay and removing odors

Safety and Consistency

As Zeolite is resistant to chemicals such as acids or alkalis and does not dissolve in water, its effectiveness is semi-permanent..


Golf resorts, turf stadiums, landscaping, etc.

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