Superior Thermal Conductivity! Minimum Insulation Thickness!


Ultra-low Thermal Conductivity

FLEXTHERM has very low thermal conductivity, which is below 0.027W/mK at 100℃. It has more outstanding insulation performance than conventional insulation. (below 0.045W/mK at 600℃, which is 200% superior to Aerogel)

Easy To Install

FLEXTHERM is flexible with a shape of quilted blanket, so it is easy to install. It can be provided with removable cover type which is easy to apply and also detach.

Minimum Thickness of Insulation

With the outstanding thermal insulation performance, FLEXTHERM can be installed with the thickness of 74% of Aerogel and only 27% of Calcium silicate and still has the same performance. It can be installed in narrow space with minimum thickness.

Excellent Water Repellency

FLEXTHERM can be provided with surface water repellency upon customer’s request. It prevents degrading performance and CUI due to water absorption.


Raw material of FLEXTHERM, which is fumed silica and perlite, is eco-friendly and harmless to humans. Also it is mineral and safe to fire with noncombustible features.

Available at High Temperature

Maintain stable and outstanding performance at high temperature. (Up to 950℃)

New Technology-applied Product

FLEXTHERM is manufactured with KD's unique technology certified from Korea Industrial Technology Association