Full surface water repellency

As Superlite provides full water repellency throughout and even inside the product, it is free from water absorption.


As Superlite is a molded product, it maintains its original shape and its performance does not deteriorate. In addition, even if it comes into contact with strong acids and alkalis such as sulfuric acid or caustic soda, it generates almost no changes in its physical and chemical properties.

Fibrous Insulations, Granular Insulations
Corrosion resistance

Superlite is free from water impregnation and contains a low amount of chloride ion content. In addition, as it uses sodium silicate as a binder, which contains a significant amount of corrosion inhibiting components, it delivers outstanding corrosion resistance.


As Superlite is an asbestos-free product, it harmless to the human body; in fact, its main material is used as a filter-aid in the manufacture of food products.


  • Heat insulation in a straight pipe
  • Heat insulation in a flange
  • Heat insulation in an elbow
  • Heat insulation in a vessel