Sunshine Peat Moss
Sunshine Peat Moss


Characteristics in terms of plant growth

Sunshine Peat Moss is based on the fertilizer clumping in the huge wetland formed several tens of thousand years ago through a continual cycle of the survival, mortality and deposition of plants, and is free from weeds, diseases and pests as it is high-pressure sterilized. In addition, as Sunshine Peat Moss not only improves the basic physical and chemical properties of soil, but also gradually provides nutrients through its slow decomposition, it provides ideal effectiveness to the cultivation of horticultural products, especially when used in combination with Paragreen.


  • Promotes the formation of aggregate structures
  • Enhances water retention capacity
  • Vitalizes microbial activities
  • Retrains the phosphate fixing in the soil
  • Uniform structure and components
  • Free from diseases and pest
  • Prevents weed growth

Golf resorts, landscaping, sowing, seedling, etc.

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