Product Features and Product Configuration Diagram

Weather resistance

As DIVINE is resistant to extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, tsunami, typhoon or heavy snow, it can prevent damages to or destruction of the roof, regardless of the environmental circumstances.

Fire resistance

As DIVINE is made of incombustible materials, it can prevent damages or losses even in the event of fire, ensuring your safety at all times.


As DIVINE is only one-sixth the weight of a cement or clay roof tile, it minimizes the use of roof structures.


DIVINE not only requires almost no maintenance, but is durable and has a long life, preventing roofing replacement and saving resources.


DIVINE provides various color options that can match any type of building naturally, which both enhances the appearance of the building and maximizes its charm.

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Product Configuration Diagram
Acrylic overglaze, Ceramic granule, Acrylic resin basecoat, Protective surface coating, Zinc aluminum coating, Base steel, Zinc aluminum coating, Protective surface coating
Installation Examples
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