Business Overview

KD ONE Ceratech Business
Creation of the future for human and nature

Founded in 1981 under the name Samson Trading, KyungDong One Ceratech Business was the first company in Korea to introduce perlite technology, and has been growing as a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of a wide range of construction/industrial materials using perlite and other advanced materials. As well, we have been pioneering Korea's still-uncharted perlite industry through the development of perlite-related technologies, based on constant research and investment.

In addition, we have been committed to the prevention of global warming and the restoration of the devastated urban environment through the development of pollution-free artificial soil and afforestation systems. We also have been contributing to increasing energy efficiency and stabilizing the residential environment and the national economy through developing a wide range of insulating materials, materialsSpray-applied fire resistive materials and cryogenic insulation technologies technologies for various plants including LNG vessels.

Business / Representative Products
  • High functional materials used in various fields, such as energy-saving materials used in industries that require the maintenance of a high temperature or cryogenic state
    • Thermal insulation materials
    • Cryogenic Insulation materials
    • Cryogenic Engineering
    • Filler
    • Filter-aid
    • Metal Paste
    • Plastic Injection
    (Thermal insulation material)
  • Products that establish a pleasant and safe environment and create a beautiful appearance, providing a beneficial environment.
    • Spray-applied fire resistive
      materials (SFRM)
    • Spray-applied insulating
      Sound absorption materials
    • Exterior materials
  • Products that enable nature and humanity to coexist by afforesting the desolate urban environment and providing a growing environment that is optimal for plants environment that is optimal for plants
    • Home network system
    • Home automation system
    (Environmental materials)
Major Certification / Awards
    • Obtains design certification of ship classification society
    • Obtains environmental mark certification
    • Obtains green technology
    • Receives Seoul environmental technique award
    • Receives presidential prize in ‘National Green Tech Award’ for high-efficiency heat insulation material, Hyperlite
    • Obtains UL certification
    • Obtains outstanding recycled products certification
    • Obtains CE certification
    • Awards the minister of Construction and Transportation prize
    • Awards energy winner prize in the construction material green building
    • Obtains Eco-friendly construction material certification
    • Obtains NET certification