CEO’s Greeting

How are you? Welcome to KyungDong One's website! With the corporate vision of being a 'world-leading green company for pleasant living environments,' KyungDong One Co., Ltd. is involved in refractory, insulation and materials businesses as well as its home network business, and is growing as a globally competitive brand.

KyungDong One has been developing Korea's domestic perlite industry through eco-friendly composite materials technologies, for which it was presented with the President’s Prize at the National Green Technology Awards, and has been committed to the prevention of global warming and the restoration of urban environments by developing an afforestation system using pollution-free artificial soil. We are also contributing to saving energy and securing greater safety using heat/cold insulation technologies for LNG vessels and plants. In addition, in order to create a safer and more convenient living environment in this rapidly changing digital world, we are providing customers with the best quality services through our home network system business, which spans from heat control to wired/wireless communication.

The growth of a company, whether it is internal or external, should guarantee customer-oriented value that is always new and endless. We promise that KyungDong One Co., Ltd. will develop and grow as a company that creates hope for the future, based on the utmost efforts of all executives and employees to achieve our corporate vision and goals. In addition, we will become a customer-focused company that brings our customers products that stand apart, which will strengthen our foundation as a world-leading company. Your advice and encouragement has helped KyungDong One's vision to form and develop.

Thank you.