Finecell is the lightest 100% mineral-based filler material, as its specific gravity is just a tenth that of calcium carbonate or talc due to the influence of the gap inside the particle.

Heat insulation

As Finecell has a porous structure, not only is the level of its solid conduction very low due to the point contact between particulate materials, but convection and radiation are prevented, resulting in outstanding insulation performance.

Mixing property

As its particle is a globular shape and its surface smoothness is outstanding, it is easily mixed with other water-based, oil-based and powder type materials and dispersed, delivering optimal performance as a filler.

Heat resistance

As Finecell is a 100% mineral-based material that is treated at a high temperature, it has a high melting point and outstanding heat resistance.


Finecell is an incombustible material consisting only of minerals.


Aircrafts and vessels, caulking/sealing materials, refractory composite materials, floor decorations, coatings, plastic composite materials, etc.

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