Cryogenic Insulation Engineering
Cryogenic Insulation Engineering


Cryogenic insulation work
  • Ethylene, propylene, propane, butane, ammonia tank cryogenic insulation work
  • Oxygen, nitrogen, argon and LNG tank
    cryogenic insulation work
  • ASU (Air Separation Unit)
    perlite filling work
  • LNG tank cryogenic insulation work
  • Oxygen, nitrogen, argon and LNG tank cryogenic insulation work
  • ASU (Air Separation Unit) cryogenic insulation work


Shorter installation period required
Item Unit KyungDong One's perlite filling facilities
Other facilities KD ONE facilities
Production standards for perlite filling facilities m³/hr 15 30
Daily working hours Hr/day 20 20
Production volume 300 600
Filling project volume 10,000 10,000
Project period day 33.3 16.6
Reduction in project period day 16.7
Efficiency % 50
Internal vibrator system is used
  • The internal vibrator system minimizes the icing outside of the tank, and prevents increasing of BOG(Boil Off Gas) from minimizing subsiding perlite when operating tank for a long time.
  • The internal vibrator system uses a remote controlled filling technique and sensor-based auto leveling, enabling accurate and safe installation.
Internal vibrator system

1. Minimizes perlite subsidence through forced perlite compaction
2. Applied when external vibrating is not possible, as a PUF is installed inside the tank’s outer shell or concrete is applied to the outside of the tank
3. Efficiency: 10 to 12%


1. World's first automated system using electric cables (US certified)
2. Reduces the time required for filling through the auto filling function
3. Remote control system through PC monitoring
4. Auto leveling and auto filling rate calculation

Installation Performance

Applied to the LNG storage tanks located in Tongyeong and Pyeongtaek
Applied to the LNG storage tanks located in Yemen, Mexico and Angola

Outstanding quality

Perlite transfer system using a pneumatic conveyer

Type Conveying velocity Friction rate Crushing perlite Density
KyungDong One KD Perlite pneumatic conveyor system 8m/sec 1 Few Low
Other Blower types 15m/sec 5.29 Many High
Quality of expanded perlite
Properties Recommended standards Test values Technology
Density Compacted density:
Loose density: 35~50kg/m³
Compacted density: 48~65kg/m³
Perlite sampling: After conveying
Grain size -0.15㎜(max30%) -0.15㎜(max30%) Low velocity conveying system(8m/s)
-Low crushing perlite
0.5wt% or below 0.1wt% Installation of air dryer
-If perlite have more moisture, it cause increasing
the purge gas quality for drying moisture.
>>Also increasing the cost for purge gas (N2 gas)
0.044w/mk (at 20℃) 0.042w/mk (at 20℃) Low thermal conductivity cause low density,
decreasing the dust and moisture.