Filter caking

Paracell is comprised of grained particles, and its grain distribution is controlled to ensure that 70 to 80% of porosity can be maintained.


Paracell is about 50% lighter than diatomite and the cake density is approximately two-fifths (0.16~0.20g/cc) that of diatomite.

Outstanding filtering performance

The filtering speed is maximized through the minimization of the particle surface area and control of grain distribution using the porosity.

Various Specifications

Specifications are diversified to meet various filtration requirements of customers

Economic feasibility

As its weight per unit volume is light, waste treatment costs can be reduced. In addition, as it generates a low level of overload on filtration facilities, it is helpful for reducing expenses related to maintaining the facilities.

Usage example

Filtration of gelatin, agar, starch sugar, chemicals, antibiotics, traditional liquor, etc.

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