What is PARASO?

PARASO is an ultralight artificial soil that is processed into a shape appropriate for plant growth by controlling the grain size of expanded perlite, which is produced by heating ground perlite ore at a temperature over 1,100℃.

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  • Grinding
  • grinded perlite
  • Expansion
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Features and Advantages of the BIO PARASO system

Reduced Greenhouse Effect and Prevention of Urban Floods

The BIO PARASO system expands the greenery in the urban area and reduces CO2, which is the main cause of the greenhouse effect. It also prevents urban floods through its rainwater storage function.

Cooling and heating energy saving

Rooftop afforestation using the BIO PARASO method can save energy consumption for heating by up to 10% and for cooling by up to 15%. (Korea Institute of Construction Technology testing results)

Resolves load problems

The BIO PARASO system, which uses a superlight construction method, can reduce the load to one-third or one-sixth that of general soil.

Establishes a permanent plantation foundation

PARASO is a pure mineral-based soil with the conditions necessary for plant growth, and does not require transported soil as it does not generate any changes over time. In addition, the liquefied fertilizer contained in the soil supports the initial survival of plant roots.

Easy installation and management

The BIO PARASO system is an afforestation method using ultralight materials, which simplifies the installation process and reduces the labor and equipment needed for installation.
In addition, the higher effective moisture content of the system reduces the number of irrigation operations, making it easier to maintain compared to a general soil-based afforestation system.

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Installation case

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