Characteristics in terms of plant growth
  • Parat is free from soil diseases, as it is manufactured through a process of expansion at an extremely high temperature.
  • Parat has outstanding air permeability, ensuring sufficient dissolved oxygen volume in the rhizosphere.
  • Parat's high porosity facilitates drainage.
  • Parat ensures root survival and has an outstanding plant supporting capacity.
  • Parat's open cell structure enhances its moisture retention performance.
  • As Parat contains moisture, there are no concerns about dust in the air in the workplace.
  • As nutrient solution is supplied from the bed, the aisle in the working place is maintained clean and neat.
Economic feasibility
  • Its light weight reduces labor requirements.
  • Parat is cheap to purchase as it is domestically produced and distributed, and enables cultivation without any separate molding bed.
  • Irrigate sufficiently before using.
  • As Parat is a 100% mineral-based soil containing no fertilizer, any user can add fertilizers as needed at the intended density.

Parat is also highly effective for cuttage purposes.