Features of Hyper-Vax

HYPER-VAX is a high performance vacuum insulation panel especially works well in cryogenic environments. It is made up of a fumed silica core and covered with metalized film strengthened by glass fiber.

HYPER-VAX can be used where cryogenic environments are necessary such as LNG bunkering vessel, fuel storage tank for LNG fuelled vessel, LNG carrier and etc. It has much better performance and high efficiency compared with conventional cryogenic insulations.

HYPER-VAX is manufactured by KD ONE’s patented technology and possible to be produced in different shapes applicable for complicated structure.

HYPER-VAX provides the best insulation system solution for Emission Control Area regulations.

※ What is VIP?

VIP stands for Vacuum Insulation Panels, which consist of a core covered with a metalized film. This system is evacuated to a vacuum below 3 torr and sealed after that.
It has excellent thermal conductivity because there is no convection inside of VIP.

Thickness Comparison

Insulation Thickness (mm) 400 100 125
BOR (%/day) 0.22 0.17 0.13

After installing HYPER-VAX 100mm, decreasing 75% of insulation thickness and improving 20% of thermal efficiency compared with PUF.

After installing HYPER-VAX 125mm, decreasing 65% of insulation thickness and improving 40% of thermal efficiency compared with PUF.