Company History

  • Now-2011
  • 2010-2001
  • 2000-1991
  • 1990-1980
  • 2000

    07.2000 Launched Shanghai office in China

    06.2000 Gyeongju factory awarded the Grand SME prize (by Industrial Bank of Korea)
    Awarded the Environmental Technology prize by Seoul Municipal

    05.2000 Head office and Gyeongju factory acquire ISO 9001 certification
    (DNV Certification Authority)
    Company president establishes a non-profit foundation called Nulpurun
    Foundation' with his own money

  • 1999

    12.1999 Asan factory is designated as one of leading companies in

    11.1999 Tianjin factory acquires ISO 9002 certification (commodity mass certification

    06.1999 Designated as a world-leading SME for the 21st century

  • 1998

    12.1998 Gyeongju factory is designated as an outstanding technology company (by
    Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)

    03.1998 Asan factory acquired ISO 9002 certification (Korea Productivity Center)

  • 1997

    12.1997 Construction of Asan factory is completed

    03.1997 Gyeongju factory awarded the Best Taxpayer prize on Tax Day (by the Ministry of Finance and Economy)

    01.1997 Gyeongju factory designated as an excellent labor-management cooperation
    company (by the Ministry of Labor)

  • 1996

    01.1996 Acquired AF LILK certification for its Esscoat product

  • 1995

    12.1995 Merged with Everin Co., Ltd. and Mobilcom

    11.1995 Acquired permission from the Ministry of Science-Technology for its
    technologies laboratory (K orea Industrial Technology Association)

    10.1995 Launched Korea's first perlite based refractory coating material ' Esscoat '
    Developed construction refractory coating material ' Esscoat AT'
    Gyeongju factory designated as an outstanding SME (by Industrial Bank of

    04.1995 Tianjin factory in China opened

  • 1994

    11.1994 Established Everon America corporation

    02.1994 Developed spray-type sound-absorbing insulation finish material ' Esscoat AT'

    01.1994 Developed high-performance industrial material 'Fine Cell'

  • 1993

    12.1993 Acquired Korea Resistor of Shipping Type Approval Certificate (Korea
    Register of Shipping)

    03.1993 Acquired Bureau Veritas Type Approval Certificate (France Register of

    02.1993 Developed dedicated flowerpot soil 'Parahome’

  • 1991

    12.1991 Developed dedicated flowerpot soil 'Parahome’

    10.1991 Developed super light pollution-free artificial soil 'Paraso'
    Entered into a technical partnership with Japan-based IKEGAMI

    06.1991 Developed a cold insulation material for LNG carrier (GTT NO96 type), only
    the second of its kind in the world