About CI

One represents our confidence that
we will develop KyungDong Group
into a world-leading company.
The One in the corporate name KyungDong One is quoted from the Chinese
character 元, meaning the best, and represents our confidence that we will
make KyungDong Group into one of the world's leading companies.
  • KD BULE Pantone 2757  C 100  M 90  K 40
  • KD Orange Pantone 144C  M 55  Y 100

Enterprising Vision + Temperature of Happiness
Dark blue, which is the main color of KyungDong One's logo, delivers a feeling of safety and reliability and suggests our company’s long history, advanced technologies and enterprising spirit as a leading housing culture specialist. The bright orange color represents our corporate spirit, that aims to create
pleasant living environments not only for customer satisfaction but also for
quality of life.

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