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57 News KD One Won Grand Prize for Smart Home Innovation at the IoT Innovation Award 2017 2017-07-07 1327

KD One (CEO: Roe YeonSang) recently gained industry-wide recognition as a leader of the smart home market. KD One announced on the 7th that it won the Grand Prize for Innovation in the Smart Home Category at the ‘IoT Innovation Award 2017.

KD One was given the Grand Prize in the Smart Home Category for its generous investment in the development of eco-friendly technology aimed at saving energy and preserving the environment, as well as its leadership role in spearheading growth in the IoT industry using its cutting-edge technology. The Award was also a validation of KD One’s technology that delivers an unrivaled combination of great convenience, outstanding energy-saving benefits, and safety.

In particular, ‘UHN-C100,’ which was launched last May, has been hailed as a revolutionary product for the smart home market. ‘UHN-C100’ is the first wireless home IoT system in Korea to feature a Smart Cradle. The Smart Cradle is compatible with Android-based tablet PCs, meaning users can keep their living conditions perfect wherever they are inside their homes. The apparent benefits have turned heads, mostly in the construction sector. Multiple construction companies have made inquiries to KD One about the ‘UHN-C100’ soon after its launch to explore the possibility of installing the Smart Cradle system in their premium apartments. The ‘Navien Home IoT System (UHA-1020),’ which combines all available IoT-related technology at KD One, has also been a sensation in the market. The ‘UHA-1020’ system allows the user to access all functions remotely through a smartphone application without the need to replace any components of the boiler unit. More specifically, based on Korea’s flagship boilermaker KD Navien’s high-precision temperature control technology, the user can save energy by controlling the air conditioning/heating function, light fixtures, and gas supply, and also control safety by accessing the Home View, security alarm, and intruder detection functions. ‘UHA-1020’ is a total housing solution that saves energy and protects your home.

Yoon Ki-gwon, Head of the Network Business Division at KD One, stated, “KD One has worked hard to develop smart solutions capable of creating convenient and safe living environments and using energy efficiently at the same time for our consumers. Using the technology we’ve built up so far, we will continue to develop a variety of products that can help consumers lead smarter lifestyles in more pleasant environments.” End of Communication.