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52 News Ceratech Business Division Participated In IEX USA 2015, an Exhibition Specializing In Industrial Insulation Materials 2015-10-27 1452

Our company’s Ceratech Business Division participated in the ‘IEX USA 2015’ - an exhibition specializing in industrial insulation materials - for two days (starting October 27), to showcase our NET-certified high-efficiency thermal insulation solutions.

Hosted in Chicago (USA) this year, the IEX USA (Insulation Expo USA) is the most prestigious, trusted, and largest exhibition for the insulation materials industry in the world. IEX USA can trace its origins back to IEX Europe, an exhibition on insulation materials that has been hosted in Cologne since 1998. 75 world-class companies, including Morgan Advanced Materials and PROMAT participated in this year’s event. KD One also joined this year’s IEX USA, becoming the first Korean company in the insulation materials industry to do so. Our company put our high-efficiency insulation products and technologies on full display with great confidence to clients from all over the world.

In particular, based on the concept of ‘Optimum insulation solution for an expansive range of temperatures,’ our company introduced our high-efficiency total insulation solution capable of maintaining its performance between -162℃ to 950℃ at the exhibition. Among the list of available products, our company showcased ‘Flextherm’ which has been gaining attention from the market as a new thermal insulation solution that is perfect for high-temperature applications. ‘Flextherm’ is highly efficient, yet easy to install, making it perfect for sites with complex environments such as power plants. Additionally, our company promoted our ‘Hyper-Vax’ product (a vacuum insulation solution for cold temperature environments including cryogenic applications such as LNG tankers, LNG fuel lines) and ‘Hyper-Vac’ (a vacuum insulation solution for room temperature environments including home appliances, buildings, and transportation vehicles) at IEX USA as well.

Our company perhaps turned the most number of heads with ‘Ultratherm,’ a high-efficiency insulation material that already uses ultra-high temperature insulation technology. ‘Ultratherm’ boasts better insulation performance at high temperatures (1.5 times better at approximately 350℃) compared to Aerogel, a popular high-efficiency insulation product well-established in the market. Despite its superior performance, however, ‘Ultratherm’ is cheaper and more eco-friendly than other competing products. In fact, companies have recognized the excellence of ‘Ultratherm,’ as evidenced by one of the largest petrochemical complexes in the country deciding to install ‘Ultratherm’ for its major steam pipelines.

Our company will use IEX USA as a foothold to expedite its expansion into the insulation market in the US. Rather than being content with our success in the Korean market, our goal is to become a leading company in the US insulation market, which is expected to grow following the increase in shale gas production moving forward.