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Terms & Conditions

Clause 1. Objective

The objective of this terms and conditions is for defining right, liability, obligation and other requirements of KD One Co., Ltd (hereinafter “Company) and its users regarding use of service by which the company provides.

Clause 2. Terminology Definitions

The terminologies used in this terms and conditions are as follows.
1. “Service” refers to all services by which the “user” can use by connecting this website regardless of the type of terminals (PC, TV, mobile etc.)

Clause 3. Posting and Amendment of Terms and Conditions

1) The company shall put this terms and conditions on the initial screen of website so that the user can be notified easily
2) The company shall be able to amend this terms and conditions within legally allowed range
For the company to amend this terms and conditions, the company shall need to notify the contents 30 days before the application of amendment with the current terms and conditions according to the measurement aforementioned in Clause 1 with the reason and date of amendment. In case of terms and conditions which can be unfavorable for user, the company shall need to notify the matter separately through e-mail and electronic message within certain service period apart from official notification

Clause 4. Terms & Conditions for Charged Service Etc.)

1) The company shall be able to set up separate terms & conditions and policy for “charged service” and individual service (hereinafter charged service terms & conditions etc.). If these are at odds with the original terms & conditions, the charged service terms & conditions shall be applied on the preferential basis.
2) For the matters or interpretations which are not defined in the original terms & conditions, “the charged service terms & conditions etc.“ relevant or commercial practices shall be applied.

Clause 5. Obligation of Protection of Personal Information

The company shall put efforts on protection of personal information of the user. Relevant law and privacy policy of the company shall be applied for protection and usage of personal information. However, the privacy policy of the company shall not be applied for the websites apart from the official website of the company.

Clause 6. Notification for the Users

1) Unless there is separate regulation in this terms & conditions, the company shall be able to send notification using e-mail, electronic message to the user.
2) Notification on the notice board of the company’s website for over 7 days shall take the same effect with notification for entire users.

Clause 7. Liability of the Company

1) The company shall not breach prohibitions defined in this terms & conditions against beautiful and fine custom as well as do its best to provide stable service.
2) The company shall have security system for protection of personal information for the user to use service safely, notify and comply with privacy policy.
3) If complain or opinion of the user on use of service deems reasonable, the company shall handle the issue. Further, the company shall notify the handling process and the results to the user through e-mail and other relevant method.

Clause 8. Liability of User

The user shall be prohibited for the followings.
1. Registration with false information to use service
2. Use of information of other user
3. Modification of information by which the company notifies
4. Sending or posting of information (computer program etc.) apart from the ones by which the company allows.
5. Breach of copyright and intellectual property right of the company and third party
6. Defamation on the company and third party or interruption of work
7. Use of service for profit without agreement from the company
8. Other illegal or unfair activities

Clause 9. Provision of Service Etc.

1) The company shall provide the following services to its users.
1. Information on the company and products by which the company handles through notification on website and other relevant method.
2. Response and guide for inquiry of the user.
2) The company shall be able to divide service within certain range and set up the time available for using each service. In this case, however, the company shall notify in advance.
3) The service shall be provided 24 hours all the year over.
4) The company shall be able to stop provision of service temporarily for appropriate reasons including maintenance work, replacement and malfunction of telecommunication facilities such as computer or loss of communication. In this case, the company shall notify to the user through methods defined in Clause 6 (notification for the user). If, however, the company cannot do so for inevitable reason, the company shall be able to send notification later.

Clause 10. Modification of Service

The company shall be able to modify parts or entire service according to operational and technical needs which are as follows.
1. If the content of service is of criminal
2. If the content of service breaches copyright or other right of third party
3. If the content of service breaches other relevant legislation and regulation defined by the company.

Clause 11. Provision of Information and Publication of Advertisement

1) The company shall be able to provide various information deems needed for the user to user service through notification and e-mail.
2) For sending the information no article No. 1 through phone or facsimile equipment, agreement from the user shall be required.
3) The company shall be able to post advertisement on service screen, homepage and e-mail relating to operation of service. The user who receives e-mail with advertisement shall be able to reject to receive this e-mail.

Clause 12. Intellectual Property Right

Copyright and intellectual property right of service shall belong to the company.

Clause 13. Limitation of Liability

1) The company shall be exempted from liability for provision of service if the company cannot provide service due to natural disaster or force majeure.
2) The company shall not take responsibility for the user to be unable to use the service caused by the user.
3) The company shall not take responsibility unless there is separate regulation defined by relevant law regarding usage of free service.

Clause 14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

1) This terms & conditions shall be interpreted and governed by the law of Korea
2) Seoul Central District Court shall sue the suit for conflicts between the company and user.


1) This terms & conditions shall be effective as of 30th of April in 2014.